Sunlight Financial’s simple, affordable, easy-to-execute residential loans make it easier than ever for homeowners to own a solar system.

More and more, homeowners around the country are finding that installing solar on their rooftops will reduce their electricity costs. Utilities are continuing to increase electricity rates, while the cost of installing solar has declined rapidly. In fact, the cost of solar has dropped more than 70% in the past decade, making solar more affordable than ever.

However, the upfront cost of installing solar is still a barrier for many. Sunlight Financial helps solve this problem by offering simple solar loans. With a Sunlight Financial loan, homeowners generate immediate savings and lock in a lower monthly payment.

Sunlight Financial’s loans also

  • Offer a simple and quick application process
  • Provide greater long-term savings than other financing options
  • Allow homeowners to retain financial incentives for solar
  • Allow homeowners to take advantage of tax credits for solar
  • Make it easy for homeowners to track their savings
  • Enhance the value of a home1 2
  • Allow for free electricity once the term of the loan is up

If you are interested in a solar loan, please contact us about working with one of our partners across the United States.

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